Wading River Civic Association
P0 Box 805
Wading River, New York 11792

We are so pleased you have decided to join the Wading River Civic Association. Formed in 1935, the Civic has fought to maintain the rural character of our community. Currently, our issues are more diverse: preserving open space, creating safer roads and pedestrian byways, watching over what’s happening at Brookhaven National Lab and the Shoreham/ Wading River LIPA facility. We continue to be a strong voice in various levels of government.

This organization welcomes new members. We acknowledge that there are various concerns and ideas in a hamlet divided between two towns and two school districts and strive to make our membership whole. Every added member makes us stronger, both in numbers, and in the resources each new person brings to our meetings.

We meet monthly and will notify you by mail of upcoming meetings. You are encouraged to visit our website (www.wadingriver.org) to find out news and important dates. You may also contact us via email at membership@wadingriver.com.

Thank you for joining and we look forward to meeting you.

Your Officers and Trustees

Wading River Civic Association Membership Application

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Couple $15.00
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