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hess plans to divest gas stations & convenience stores

Hess has announced that it plans to exit from its retail & convenience store operations. The move cill affect 1,350 gas stations on the eastern Seaboard.

posted: 3/5/2013

north fork animal welfare league interested in epcal

The North Fork Animal Welfare League which is set to take over operation of the town animal shelter, is also interested in leasing the town owned Henry Pfeifer Community Center in Calverton. If this were the case they could establish a facility to serve the needs of cats and dogs which would include a spay/neuter clinic.

posted: 3/2/2013

romaine's recommendations for next highway superintendent

On 3/20, Supervisor Ed Romaine made the following recommendations for the next Brookhaven Highway Supervisor: 1.) Recommend that NYS pass legislation that allows for raising the cap on expenditures for heavy highway equipment, 2.)Lessening insurance requirements for private plowing contractors, 3). Issue an RFP to examine what types of heavy equipment needed for Brookhaven's 2,600 miles of road, 4.). Require that private contractors have GPS related smart phone or a transponder to Highway Dept. can track their progress.

posted: 2/21/2013

lawsuits filed challenging wading river 25a rezonings

Two civil lawsuits were filed this week by the owners of two of the three large properties that were rezoned. Both( Knightland,Inc & Partridge-Stak-Condzella property) lawsuits maintained that the zoning changes" were not adopted in the interest of public health, safety, or welfare or based in valid zoning or planning interests but were improperly, illegally and unconstitutionally designed and intended to halt the processing and approval of several pending development applcations that were in conformance with existing zoning."

posted: 2/14/2013

board of assessment review seeks new member

The Town Board of Riverhead is seeking a Town resident to appoint as a member of the Board of Assessment Review(BAR). Aplicants must be over 18 years of age, be a Town resident, and have basic knowledge of local property values. Once appointed, this member must attend all required training sessions, and must be available to attend all public and private meetings of the BAR. Please submit a letter of interest and a current resume to the Town of Riverhead Personnel Department.

posted: 2/3/2013

lipa's plan to upgrade transmission lines in wading river and....

An Environmental management & Construction Plan has been filed with the NYS Public Service Commission. on 1/23/13. for the replacement of the existing insulators on the existing 10.6 mile electric transmission line between Wildwood(the old Lilco access road) and Riverhead.... No new poles will be added , the conductors(wires) will not be replaced,& the route of the transmission line will not change. Printed copies of the plan are available in the libraries in Shoreham, Riverhead & Baiting Hollow. An electronic version is on the LIPA website at www.lipower.org/company/powering

posted: 2/2/2013

riverhead's 2013 wading river dredging project

The Riverhead Town Board will vote on a resolution at the 2/5 Town Board meeting that will authorize the spending of $10,000 for professional services to survey current conditions and dredging costs for the Wading River Creek and Beach Erosion Project. The Town believes that due to Super Storm Sandy dredging is needed. The town hopes to seek reimbursement for all costs from FEMA. The Town also hopes to use dredged sand from the Wading River Creek to protect homes along the beach.

posted: 1/31/2013

councilman withdraws resolution to increase multifamily housing

Brookhaven Town Councilman Dan Panico withdrew a resolution to amend the town code which would have increased multifamily housing in designated zones throughout Brookhaven Town. Panico stated." I realize the town should have flexibility in its building code to allow multifamily housing to be built where communities want it. The resolution needs to be changed and that was in response to a great deal of community input and ideas."

posted: 1/27/2013

riverhead seeks new air traffic control facility

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio indicated that Riverhead has submitted a letter to Congressman Tim Bishop indicating that EPCAL is an ideal location for a new $225 million intergrated air traffic control facility for the northeast region. Supervisor Walter opposed Giglio's move to submit a proposal to the FAA at last weeks work session. However, a majority of the Town Board agreed with Giglio that the town should make a preliminary proposal to the FAA.

posted: 1/23/2013

special election results- 1st district suffolk county legislature

Democratic candidate Al Krupski defeated the Republican candidate Sean Walter by a margin of 62% to 38%.

posted: 1/15/2013



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