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east end population - estimates off target

The latest LIPA population survey shows that the population of every municipality on Long Island declined between 2010 and 2011. The study/estimate shows a decline in Wading River's estimated 2011 population by 118, putting the population estimate at 7,702. East Shoreham's decline was by 330, putting the estimated 2011 population at 6,668.

posted: 8/27/2012

a push to finish epcal bike path

Riverhead Town will be seeking additional grant money to complete the 8.9 pike path around the EPCAL property.Six years ago the Town had used a $100,000 grant to pave 3 miles of the bike path. Town officials are trying to determine the cost of clearing and paving the rest of the trail

posted: 8/24/2012

large supportive turnout- wading river 25a hearing

A large, standing-roomonly crowd filled the main meeting room in Riverhead Town Hall to attend the public hearings on 5 proposed zone changes and code amendments dealing with Route 25A in Wading River. Most of those who attended and spoke at the meeting were clearly in favor of the proposed changes . It's now up to the Town Board to move the process forward as expeditiously as possible.

posted: 8/22/2012

lesko to resign as brookhaven supervisor

Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko will resign in September to run the Accelerate Long Island project according to town board members. Lesko, a Democrat was elected in 2009 in a special election. It is likely that theat Kathleen Walsh a Republican and the current deputy supervisot will act as supervisor until a special election in 60 to 90 days.

posted: 8/15/2012

public hearings- route 25a wading river

There will 3 very important public hearings at the beginning of the the 8/21 meeting of the Riverhead Town Board. The public hearings will deal with amendments to the Town of Riverhead's Comprehensive Plan. The first hearing will deal with changes to Multi Family Residential Professional Office Zone on 25A, the second hearing will deal with change of zone proposal along 25A and the last will deal with changes to the Business CR Zoning use district along 25A.

posted: 8/12/2012

wading river and shoreham history in pictures

A new volume of historic Wading River & Shoreham has been written by Jane Alcorn, Wading River Historical Society Vice President and Mary Ann (Mimi) Oberdorf, Shoreham Village historian. Comprised mainly of photographic postcard images, the book will be available for signing by the authors at an eveny at the Historical Society in August(date to be announced) and other signing events to be announced.

posted: 7/31/2012

rte. 25a wading river corridor study on riverhead website

It's getting close to crunch time. The Rte. 25A Wading River Planning & Zoning Report, and the Full Environmental Assessment Form can be found on Riverhead Town's website (www.Riverheadli.com) under the heading Wading River Corridor Study Combine. The all important public hearing on this issue will be on 8/21/2012 ay 7:00pm at the Riverhead Town Hall.

posted: 7/29/2012

riverhead town tables 25a wading river study

The already tardy Wading River 25A Corridor Study was delayed again at the 7/3 Town Board meeting. The Town Board tabled several resolutions on the Wading River 25A Study. These resolutions would have allowed for a public hearing at the the Town Board's first meeting in August. The delay was caused by the inability of the town to discuss certain changes with BFJ ,the consultants for the project.

posted: 7/3/2012

more details on possible shoreham power plant

According to Newsday J-Power USA Development, has submitted proposals to LIPA and to New York State to build a large new gas fired power plant at the former Shoreham Nuclear Plant. The details of their proposal to the state's energy highway project can be found at www.nyenergyhighway.com/content/documents/6.pdf

posted: 7/3/2012

brookhaven 25a plan on town's website

The Draft Land Use Plan for Rte. 25A and DGEIS can be found on the Brookhaven Town website at: http://brookhaven.org/Departments/PlanningEnvironmentLandManagement.aspx

posted: 7/1/2012



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