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go figure?

Despite the announced intention of the Riverhead Town Board to rezone an 11 -acre parcel on Rte. 25A the Riverhead Planning Board is reviewing the project. The project is called North Shore Country Plaza, and consists of 3 buildings, including 2 restaurants and 29 other small stores . The project will be 43,646 square feet.

posted: 6/24/2012

brookhaven to vote on 25a land use plan

At the next Brookhaven Town Board Meeting( 6/26) there will be vote on accepting the Draft 25A Mt. Sinai to Wading River Land use Plan and related DGEIS( Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement) .

posted: 6/23/2012

planning board to review 3rd wading river shopping center

The Riverhead Planning Board will review the site plans for a proposed Wading River Shopping Center, North Shore Country Plaza. This 3 building project would be over 45,000 square ft.. This particular parcel is suppose to be recommended for rezoning by the Town Board. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet and is possible that the Town Board might not adopt the zoning changes .

posted: 6/18/2012

brookhaven rte. 25a corridor study will go public

During the week of 6/19/2012 the Brookhaven Route 25A Corridor Study will be released on the Town of Brookhaven's website for public access. More details to follow.

posted: 6/9/2012

duck ponds project - kudos to brookhaven

Brookhaven is close to completing water quality improvement work on the eastern Duck Pond in Wading River. Brookhaven paid for its portion of the project by securing a water quality grant from NY State. It was a matching grant with Brookhaven putting up $170,000. Riverhead's share of the work was suppose to be improvements in upland drainage to the Ponds. However, Riverhead has not secured a matching grant. Furthermore, Supervisor Walter indicated that after today's(6/5) Town Board transfer of $740,000 from the Town's shrinking Reserve Fund to the Highway Department that it would no longer be prudent to consider withdrawing significant funds for a matching grant .

posted: 6/5/2012

film showing wading river in 1957

There will be a special showing of the film made in 1957 for and by Wading River residents to present their position regarding the US Navy and its plans to expand its airspace over the community. More details about the showing will soon be available on the calendar section of our civic website.

posted: 6/4/2012

school budget passed in riverhead & swr

The school budget passed in the Riverhead School Dist. 1703 to 1061. Susan Koukanas and Tom Carson were elected to the School Board. The school budget also passed in Shoreham Wading River 1316 to 658. Proposition 3 passed 1329 to 559. There is a problems with proposition 2 because one of the voting machines didn't record votes for that proposition. According to a school official there is support for accepting the results but they will have to check with prior case law. Rose and Fucito were elected to the 2 school board seats.

posted: 5/15/2012

new county redistricting lines would split wading river

Shelter Island & the Brookhaven portion of Wading River will no longer be in Suffolk County Legislator Ed Romaine's district in 2014 if a new redistricting plan announced this week is approved by the county legislature. The Brookhaven portion of Wading River would be represented by Sarah Anker in the 6th district and Shelter Island would be moved to the second district and be represented by Jay Schneiderman. Redistricting take splace every 10 years and the aim is to create a population of 83,000 in each of the 18 county legislative districts.

posted: 5/15/2012

riverhead town board reaches 25a consensus on rte. 25a plan

The Riverhead Town Board has reached consensus on what zoning changes they will support on Rte. 25A. Supervisor Walter hopes the changes can be adopted in June. The Town Board supports retention of the split zoning on the 3 parcels along the north-side of Rte. 25A. It supports MRP zoning for all parcels east of the ice cream factory. It keeps the split zoning( Business CR/RB-40) on the Zoumas parcel. It favors clarification that no buildings in CR can be bigger than 10,000 square-foot. The Town Board supports a cross easement on the south side of Rte.25A, west of Wading River Manor Road. It should be noted that the proposed changes still leaves a large amount of development potential intact.

posted: 5/12/2012

psc hearing on transmission line expansion

Application of Long island Power Authority (Case 11-T-0116)for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need pursuant to Article VII of the Public Service Law to increase the design capacity of the existing 10.6 mile Wildwood to Riverhead electric transmission line from 69kV to 138 kV. The evidentiary hearing will be held before Administrative Law Judge Kevin J. Cassutto on 5/10/2012. On 5/16/2012 a second hearing will take place to receive into evidence the parties 3/16/2012 Joint Proposal on the record and to address related matters, as may be appropriate. Information about the Case 11-T-0116 can be found on LIPA's website,www.lipower.org. Comments can also be directed to the NYSPSC Secretary, Jaclyn A. Brilling(secretary@dps.ny.gov).

posted: 5/8/2012



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