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route 25a preliminary presentation alert !

What should the "growing" business district on Rte. 25A in Wading River look like? A partial answer to this question will come next week when consultants hired by the Town of Riverhead will give a preliminary report to the town board at their January 12 work session. Work Sessions are open to the public. The officers and trustees of the Wading River Civic Association encourage those of you who can attend to do so. The consultants BFJ will make their presentation at 2:00PM. See Calendar Section for further details.

posted: 1/2/2012

civic member honored

The Village Beacon Record newspaper has chosen Alice Steinbrecher has its 2011 Environmentalist of the Year. Alice was honored for" her dedication to the stewardship of the the pond ( Duck Ponds) and fully involing her students in the process has earned Steinbrecher the honor of the Environmentalist of the Year...." Alice is a second grade teacher at the Wading River Elementary School, a Wading River Civic member and the Treasurer of the Wading River Historical Society.

posted: 12/29/2011

rnpc sues over knightland approval by planning board

The Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition has filed suit against the Town of Riverhead in NY State Supreme Court for their approval of a regional shopping center at the intersection of Route 25A and Sound Avenue in Wading River. The legal action charges that the Town Planning Board lacks the authority to approve the project because it does not conform to existing zoning and says the project's review was required to consider the proposal in combination with five other projects currently proposed for a 1.5-mile stretch of Route 25A and Sound Avenue.

posted: 12/16/2011

knightland project approved

The Riverhead Planning Board unanimously approved Ken Barra's Knightland project. The project will consist of 24 retail stores and a restaurant on the corner of 25A and Sound Avenue. It is just one of 4 retail projects scheduled for the 25A corridor in Wading River. Civic and environmental groups urged the town to declare a moratorium and conduct a corridor study. The town agreed to do the corridor study but has consistently refused to do enact a moratorium. The construction for the Knightland project is expected to begin in the Spring.

posted: 12/16/2011

epcal studies-calling for mixed uses but no casino, racetrack

The $450,000 marketing & zoning study for EPCAL has made some recommendations. The marketing study done by RKG Associates recommends , mixed use developments including housing & commercial uses for EPCAL at Calverton. The zoning study proposed 2 plans. The "preferred option: calls for leaving most of the land on the eastern portion of the property as open spaces because there are too many environmental issues to overcome. The preferred option has 4 zones on the western portion of the property.The 10,000 foot runway would be shortened to 7,000 ft. to allow for more developable land. Zone 1(160 acre limited development) it would allow residential development and a limited business park. Zone 2 just east of that, fronting Rte. 25(238 acres)would allow resiential uses, business uses, light industrial uses & distribution uses. Zone 3, 192 acres fronting on Grumman Blvd.,would allow light industrial uses, along with sports related uses & active recreation. Zone 4,located on 181 acres of land west of Zone 3 would allow residential uses, a business park & recreation & sports uses. In VHB's alternarte plan polo & equestrian uses would be substituted for where Zone 3 & 4 are located in the preferred plan. There would be no casino, airport or racetrack but a motor sports venue could be a viable option.

posted: 12/8/2011

riverhead town board passes public hearing on site plans

At the 12/6 Town Board meeting a resolution was passed requiring public hearings on site plan applications. The idea was strongly advocated by the RNPC and other civic groups. The vote to approve the resolution was unanimous.

posted: 12/7/2011

rails to trails delayed again

A dispute between LIPA & Suffolk County has once again stalled the 12 mile bike and hiking path between Port Jefferson and Wading River. In order to receive about $10 million in federal funds someone must commit to maintaining the trail for 20 years. LIPA believes that since it is donating the land for Suffolk County use it should not have to maintain it. LIPA also wishes the right to access that property and make make repairs at any time. Suffolk County is concerned about repairing any damages that LIPA might cause at the site. They are also concerned about being liable for any injury that might happen on the trail.

posted: 12/6/2011

beach access battle finis? updated!

The long standing battle over beach access in Wading River may be over soon. The Town Board will decide at the next town board meeting whether or not to accept a stipulation of settlement agreement which will require the town to set up a barrier on the beach delineating the location of the mean high tide line & give up claims to the beach just east of the town beach in Wading River. Supervisor Walter and Councilmen Dunleavy and Wooten believe that the town is not in a strong legal position and the settlement makes sense. However Councilman Gabrielsen and Councilwoman Giglio have indicated they are not in agreement. The Riverhead Town Board voted 3 to 2 to accept the stipulation of agreement. Walter, Dunleavy , Wooten voted yes. Gabrielsen and Giglio voted no.

posted: 12/4/2011

michelle obama designates brookhaven town as a preserve america community

Supervisor Mark Lesko has announced that the Town of Brookhaven will receice a certificate of designation signed by First Lady Michelle Obama announcing that Brookhaven Town is now a Preserve America Community. Communities designated through the program receive recognition for their accomplishments in preserving special places and telling the nation's story.

posted: 11/29/2011

riverhead loose leaf pickup

The Town of riverhead loose leaf pickup will begin this week. The 3 week pickup will be divided into 3 segments. Wading River( Hulse Landing Road to the Brookhaven Town Line) leaf pickup will take place the week of December 12. The Highway Department will make only one pass through each area so have your leaves at curbside by 7:00am on Monday December 12. Do not rake leaves in a line in front of your property but rather in one pile. Until December 12 you must continue to bag leaves. Free biodegradable leaf bags are available at the Riverhead Highway dept. at 1177 Osborn Ave., Riverhead.

posted: 11/28/2011



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