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holiday lights

Yes the traditional Holiday Lights that appear near the Duck Ponds are going up this season. A hardy band of volunteers ( aka Sid's Elves ) will be putting up the lights on 12/3 at 9:30pm. Volunteers are welcome to help out.

posted: 11/28/2011

judge dismisses community lawsuit

" November 23, 2011: Superior Court Judge Paul Baisley, Jr. has dismissed a lawsuit by the Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition that seeks to block construction of a 7,200 square-foot catering hall addition at Great Rock Golf Course in Wading River. He said the litigation was premature and would have to wait for action on the site plan application currently before the Riverhead Planning Board. Justice Baisley wrote that the RNPC's "...submissions fail to establish that their claims cannot be adequately addressed by a proceeding to review the Planning Board's determination after it is made." RNPC co-founder Dominique Mendez stated, " The Judge's decision simply postpones the determination about the fate of the project. The RNPC will continue to work on the current planning study for this corridor, so that land use approiate to the rural character of the hamlet is preserved."

posted: 11/23/2011

lipa solar farm producing power at bnl

LIPA's Solar Farm at Brookhaven is described as the biggest project of its kind east of the Mississippi. It is now capable of providing 32-megawatts of clean energy, enough to supply 4,500 homes. This solar farm will give scientists at Brookhaven National Lab the opportunity to do an in depth study of the challenges of deploying a large scale solar power installations in the Northeast where weather conditions can impact the array's output. it should be noted that as a result of concern about the large amount of trees that had to be cleared LIPA said it will provide $2 million for open space preservation within the Central Pine Barrens region and BNL will preserve an additional 51 acres in addition to the 500 acres it preserved in the 1990's.

posted: 11/18/2011

duck ponds dredging- spring 2012 ?

There has been some recent indications that the long awaited dredging of the the Wading River Duck Ponds by the Town of Brookhaven will be slightly delayed. It had been stated that the dredging would happen either in the late fall of 2011 or the early Winter of 2012. It now appears that the Spring of 2012 is the "new" target date .

posted: 11/18/2011

reserve early for 16th annual wading river historical tea

We been told that it's a good idea to reserve early for this year's Wading River Historical Society Tea on 12/2. Space is limited, reserve now. Call or email Debra at 929-7257 or hallgib@optonline.net. Tickets are $15 per person, pay at the door. Open calendar section below and go to 12/2 for more details.

posted: 11/11/2011

catch up on the 10/27 civic meeting

Did you miss the 10/27 Wading River Civic meeting? If so you can catch up by going to http://civicmeetings.com/wading-river-civic-meeting-10-27-2011

posted: 10/30/2011

solar panels at riverhead town landfill ?

The Riverhead Town Board will hear a presentation from LI green Energy regarding a proposal to install solar panels on the 76 acre parcel on Youngs Avenue. The project has the potential to generate between 10 to 11 megawatts, about the same amount the town uses in a year. The town would lease the land to LI green Energy for about $500,000 a year and receive electricity generated by the project at cost, a savings of about 25%. The deal if it happens will need LIPA approval. The Town will also have to send out Requests for Proposals to see if other companies are interested in the project.

posted: 10/29/2011

exploring tesla's technologies

On Saturday, 11/5, a conference, "Exploring Tesla's Technologies," will be held at Brookhaven National Lab, with a full day of speakers & presentations from Tesla researchers, biographers, filmmakers & internationally recognized scientists. To register or fore more information go to: www.TeslaScienceCenter.org for links, or follow on Twitter( #teslascience) & Facebook(Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe)

posted: 10/29/2011

places where you can watch the 10/14 riverhead candidates forum

If you missed the Candidates Forum for Riverhead Town offices which was held on 10/14 you view it or portions of it at the following: RiverheadLocal.com, RiverheadPatch.com and in Brookhaven on Channel 20 on Thurs. 10/20, 3-5pm.

posted: 10/19/2011

brookhaven ok's parr meadows zoning change

The Brookhaven Town Board approved a zoning change for the 322-acre Meadows at Yapank. The site was former location of the Parr Meadows Racetrack. The change of zone will permit 327,500 square feet of retail, 5,000 square feet of restaurant, 550,000 square feet of office space for industrial or commercial use, a 150,000 square foot, 220-room hotel, 332 townhouse units, 294 condominiums, and 224- rental apartments. 10% of the residences will be designated work force housing for individuals who make 80% of the median income for the area. The project will take 10 years to build.

posted: 10/9/2011



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